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Europe pursuing defensive/offensive stance in facing Iran: Ex-envoy

Tehran, IRNA – The stance of Europe in the face of Iran is defensive or offensive; so, the Europeans do not want to treat the Islamic Republic based on laws and mutual interests, a former Iranian ambassador believes.

Javad Mansouri, former ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Beijing, told IRNA on Tuesday that Europe usually intends to deal with the Islamic Republic in a position of superiority and weakness; so, the continent expects Tehran to succumb to such encounters and give up its own points of view and interests.

Europe’s interaction with the Islamic Republic has been different in terms of form and density in various occasions, he said, adding that the European states have never wanted to pursue amicable and realistic relations with Iran. The behavior has its roots in influence of the United States, the Israeli regime or certain enemies of the Islamic Republic, the expert in international relations added.

As to the issue of blacklisting the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist group by the European Parliament, Mansouri warned that the issue is very important in terms of legal, international and ethical aspects, because the IRGC is an anti-terrorist and anti-aggression force, which serves the Iranian nation.

Iran has been the biggest victim of terrorism in the world, the former envoy said, noting that there is not any other nation, who have been so much affected by terrorism, because over 17k Iranians have been killed as a result of terrorist crimes, and that political analysts opine that the IRGC is the largest force, who fights terrorism.

However, Europe does not want to close the window of interaction with Tehran, because the Europeans cannot ignore the capacity and position of Iran in the West Asia region; so, they try to show that they are keen on normalize ties with the country.

The European Parliament has finally announced that the talks on the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal should continue; thus, it seems that they put forward sanction policy, while they are well aware that the strategy will not bear any fruit for them..

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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