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Europeans not to quit trade with Iran

Tehran,A senior banking official said that the US did everything it could before November 4, but with plans, we are trying to increase the cost of sanctions and not allow the country's trade flow to stop, while Europeans do not want to abandon trade with Iran for some reason.

Addressing a special conference on 'Banks and Dynamics of International Trade Relations', Deputy of Iran's Central Bank for International Affairs Hossein Yaqoubi Miab said that the recent sanctions are not widespread as United Nations sanctions are, and therefore 'we have better tools to deal with them'.

'In the first few months after the JCPOA was struck, we were witnessing serious developments in the banking sector, including the fact that Iranian banks once again got access to SWIFT, and began to transfer funds that were blocked,' Yaqoubi explained.

Iran's Central Bank deputy for International affairs emphasized that the US government has tried to disrupt the Iranian economy by leaving the nuclear deal, but the presence of the Europeans and the commitments they made, decrease the pressure; as long as the Europeans are present, goods exemptions continue to exist.

Yaqoubi went on to say that he thinks that the Europeans will not go away for two reasons, first because of their trade war with the US, and secondly, they are seeking to strengthen Europe's position in the international economy.

Source:. Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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