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Ex-Pak envoy strongly condemns US attack on Syria

Islamabad, Former Pakistan's Ambassador to the US and senior politician has strongly condemned the overnight attack by the US on some Syrian targets.

In an interview with IRNA, Syeda Abida Hussain added that such an attack which is open violation of all international laws would further deteriorate the situation of Syria.

The US in coordination with Britain and France targeted some research and military sites in Syria, including its capital city, Damascus. The US claims that the attack was a response to an alleged chemical weapons attack near Damascus.

Abida Hussain was of the view that these attacks are very dangerous as they could further worsen situation of Syria. The US is showing irresponsible attitude in Syria and I think Russia and other countries of the world must step in to stop the US from carrying out such attacks in future, she said.

The politician said that the attack is tantamount to violating rights of Syria and this should be stopped immediately.

Abida Hussain said that this attack is very sensitive and 'I think world opinion should mobilize against it.'

The former Ambassador strongly believed that peace can be restored to Syria only through dialogue and there is no other way to solve the issue.

She added attacks won't solve the problem rather they further aggravate the situation of the Arab state and 'I once again strongly condemn the US led strike on the country which has no justification.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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