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Excavations to resume in Hegmataneh ancient hills

Hamedan The 22nd phase of excavations will resume in the ancient hills of Hegmataneh, Hamedan, western Iran, in Cultural Heritage week (May 17-20).

Hegmataheh ancient area is a 40,000-hectare land located inside the city of Hamedan. The area includes monuments dating back to Median and Achaemenid dynasties.

The area was bought piece by piece by the government between the 1968-74. The excavations started in 1983.

Gold tablets, silver plates, pottery, and stone pillars dating to time Achaenid Empire and their predecessors have been unearthed in the area.

A unique characteristic of Hegmataneh is its orderly architecture and mapping.

The area also encircles Stephen Gregory and Saint Mary churches.

The 600-square-meter Hegmataneh Museum which is also located in the area puts on display stone, pottery, bone, and metal pieces of post-Islamic and ante-Islamic eras.

Several ancient and historic places are located in Hamedan, including Hegmataneh hills, Habakuk’s tom, Avicenna’s tomb, Baba Tahir’s tomb, Alaviya Dome, Haj Agha Torab public bath, Lotfalian Museum, etc.


Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA


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