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Exit of Iran, Hezbollah from Syria to benefit terrorists: Russian envoy

Beirut, Russian ambassador in Beirut Alexander Zasypkin has said the withdrawal of Iranian and Hezbollah forces from Syria is impossible and will benefit the interests of the terrorists.

Speaking to Lebanon's Radio Al Nour, Zasypkin said that terrorist groups in Syria have not been fully overcome yet.

He said that the presence of the US forces in Syria is one of the key factors contributing to the dire situation in Syria.

Once a resolution to the Syrian crisis is reached, the presence of the Americans would be unnatural and they will have to leave the country, the ambassador said.

Iranian and Hezbollah forces are present in Syria upon the request of the Syrian government.

The Iranian and Hezbollah officials have repeatedly said that their main mission in Syria is to fight with terrorist groups and that they will only withdraw their forces from Syria if the Syrian government asks them to do so.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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