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Experts: US unable to gain consensus on anti-Iran sanctions

Moscow, A group of Russian experts at a television roundtable said that the United States, given its tense relations with many countries, including the great powers, has not been able to reach a global consensus to sanction Iran.

Four Russian experts spoke at a roundtable on Russia's 24 television channel on Wednesday about US president Donald Trump's remarks at the UN General Assembly summit, which threatened Iran with further sanctions.

Dmitry Abzalov, chairman of the Russian Center for Strategic Communication, said that Trump's speech was inconsistent, saying that while Trump says that the United States does not teach other countries, he will interfere in Iran's affairs, and he will also tell Germany that does not buy Russian gas.

He added that in fact, Trump, in light of the mid-term elections of the Congress and the Senate in November, raised issues of interest to the American people at the UN General Assembly.

The Russian expert pointed to the US effort to cut Iran's oil exports, 'If the European Union applies a special mechanism for Iran's payments, it can continue to export its oil.'

'Russia has proposed a solution to the problems of Syria, which completely differed from the American solution, and Tehran collaborated with Russia to solve crises' said Vasily Belazyorov, head of the Center for Political Science at the Moscow State University of Linguistics, who heads the Russian Military Experts Association, at a television round table.

He pointed to the possibility of a US military strike against Iran, and said, 'The scenario is unlikely to be materialized.'

Russia's Regional geopolitical institute head Dmitry Zhuraolov also said that the US is using the sanctions tool against many countries.

The Russian expert added that the US cannot attract the countries in favor of sanctions against Iran.

Russia's Energy Development Fund chairman Sergei Pikin said that oil prices in world markets would be higher than $ 80 per barrel, but it is unlikely to exceed $ 90.

He also rejected the possibility of an American strike against Iran, adding, 'America knows that it will face a mutual response in case of military invasion.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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