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Explosion in Iran oil export pipeline leaves no casualty

Ahwaz, Governor of Khuzestan said that the explosion in Omidieh 42-inch oil export pipeline did not inflict any casualty and during the incident five people suffered from respiratory problems that was dispatched to the hospital.

Gholamreza Shariati said on Monday that the 42-inch oil pipeline of Omidieh to Ahwaz, was under repair which got in fire and explosion due to the collision of the loader and the oil spill.

In order to prevent the explosion from spreading, the valve of the oil and gas pipeline adjacent were closed, but we have to burn the oil and gas in the pipes completely, so that repairs can begin.

He explained that due to the proximity of the 12-inch pipeline to the accident site, the line also suffered an accident.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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