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facilities and tariff discounts for Bushehr-Kharg shipping lines

PMO’s Deputy of Maritime Affairs: Various plans have been put on the agenda to provide Bushehr freight and passenger terminal the necessary infrastructure at the international level.

Concerning freight and passenger transport infrastructure in Bushehr, Majid Ali Nazi said: various arrangements and plans regarding freight and passenger infrastructure in Bushehr including facilities, especially for the welfare and comfort of the people of Kharg have been considered by the Ports and Maritime Organization.

“we were able to prepare a landing craft and launch a new shipping line with the participation of the private sector in the passenger and freight transport sector of Kharg Island.” he continued.

Pointing out that 90% tariff discount has been considered for cargo and passenger transportation in Bushehr-Kharg shipping line, Deputy of Maritime Affairs emphasized that Ports and Maritime Organization is ready to provide interest-free facilities and the necessary assistance to the private sector.

Source: Ports & Maritime Organization

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