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False rhetoric Zionist regime not worthy to answer: Iran

Tehran, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman categorically dismissed the false news reports propagated by the Zionist regime, and said such news are aimed at destroying the image of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Bahram Qasemi said that the false rhetoric of the authorities of the Zionist regime are not serious, and the words of the regime’s officials, whose nature is clear, should not be taken seriously.

Answering to a question about a foreign media claiming the meeting of General Qassem Soleimani and the US envoy to Iraq in order to reduce tensions in the country, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the news is a lie and there are newspapers that should not even be named.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said about getting compensation for the attack on the Iranian Consulate in Basra and Paris, and said, ‘We will protest against the attack against the diplomatic centers of the country, and if we continue to suffer damage, we follow the case.’

Qasemi added that the governments of these countries are definitely obliged to provide the security of diplomats and diplomatic buildings, and any kind of sluggishness by them is unbearable and we are pursuing the issue seriously in two different ways in the last two incidents.

In response to another question regarding the reason for the cancelation of the visit to Uzbekistan by Iranian president in August and the conduct of the diplomatic apparatus in this regard, he said, ‘I do not think that the diplomatic apparatus is inactive towards Central Asia and the Caucasus.’

The spokesman for the diplomacy apparatus said, ‘Iran has widespread relations with most countries in the region. And what you asked about Uzbekistan, I would prefer presidential spokesmen to respond.’

Qasemi added, ‘Our relationship with Central Asia and the Caucasus is good, and I hope we will take even more serious steps with these countries.’

In response to the fact that if Iran has a condition for US’s return to the negotiating table and whether Iran’s defense and missile capabilities are negotiable, he said, ‘We do not think about negotiating because of the situation that the US president Trump has created and abjectly and uncompromisingly behaved.’

He said that contacts with European countries are continuing, especially in the field of expertise that various mechanisms are under investigation, in response to Germany’s attempt to establish a financial deal with Iran, whether there is a plan for a meeting between the leaders of two states.


Qassemi said, ‘On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, we will hold the ministerial meeting of 4+1 states, but there is no such agenda in the case of high-level meeting, the date of which is outlined.

‘Whether information has been transferred to Iran by the Iraqi authorities regarding the arrest of the attackers on Iranian Consulate in Basra?’, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said that details and sources cannot be revealed, but the authorities, the Iraqi government and the people of Iraq have regretted this because and they are doing the best they can in this regard.

‘Several of the attackers were arrested and clues were obtained, and according to some information, it was thought that there was a guided and meaningful thread in Basra, which we hope release parts of the final report.

About a question on the entry of more than 100 Afghan refugees illegally from the Iranian border to go to Turkey on a daily basis, Qassemi said, ‘Given the long borders that Iran has with its neighbors, these issues is not new, but how many and how they arrive in Iran and travel to other countries, you need the technical information that you can get from the Interior Ministry and security forces.’

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA

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