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Father of Iran’s modern wrestling passes away

Tehran The Father of Iran’s modern wrestling Kioumars Abolmaleki passed away on Sunday at the age of 97.

Abolmaleki was the first coach of free style wrestling in international contests.

He was acclaimed coach of Iranian wrestling team and international referee.

Abolmaleki served as active in administrative, managerial posts of the Iranian wrestling federation. He can be called a valuable asset of Iranian sports community.

Abolmaleki served as referee of wrestling competitions at 1951 World Freestyle Wrestling Championship in Helsinki, Finland; the 1956 Summer Olympics, in Melbourne, Australia; the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Italy, as well as some important international events in Iran.

For four years (1976-1980), he was the mayor of Olympics compound Dehkadeh-ye-Olympic, a district in northwestern Tehran. He got involved in business of educating Iranian referees until he got retired.




Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA

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