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Fighting Intensifies in “New Aleppo” in SW Aleppo, People Fleeing Homes

Residents of New Aleppo districts were forced to evacuate their homes as fighting between the Syrian Army and opposing forces intensified around the Syrian city of Aleppo, CCTV reports.

In the New Aleppo District, located in the southwestern part of Aleppo, anti-government forces recently carried out a large-scale offensive mission.

Several buildings were greatly damaged in the area as car bombs ripped through the city about a week ago.

The car bombs were aiming for the government forces stronghold, but were discovered and hindered by government soldiers located around the area.

"Since October 28, when the anti-government forces carried out a large-scale assault, nearly 100 civilians have died and more than 500 have sustained injuries in the western part of Aleppo, controlled by the Syrian government."

After the bombing, those deserted buildings became a fortress for government forces to fight back against the opposition.

Because of the sudden conflict, residents in the New Aleppo District had to make a hard decision on whether to abandon their homes or live amid hails of bullets.

Galeb is one of the resident who lived in the building which was hit by the car bombs.

He used to run a small workshop there, but he is packing, hoping to leave the place on Sunday. "I am clearing the workshop. As you can see, it has been severely damaged. We have to keep working to make a living. My plan is to stay in the areas controlled by the government. Maybe, I will find another place in New Aleppo to start working and life," he said.

Source: Al Alam

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