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Final Countdown for Nusra Front in Syria’s Aleppo: Stop Romanticizing ‘Moderates’

It's the final countdown for Jeish Al-Fatah (previously known as Al-Nusra Front) and other moderate jihadi lunatics in Eastern Aleppo, FNA reported.

The psychopathic killers used to have the upper hand in Syria's largest city, Aleppo. They even thought the divided city would be a vital launchpad for a victorious march to the capital, Damascus. But that scenario appears more remote than ever now.

In an all-out offensive, pro-government troops and popular forces have expanded their hold on vital sections of Eastern Aleppo, burrowing farther into the disconnected terrorists' enclave. This is while thousands of civilians continue to escape into government-controlled areas from the wretched neighbourhoods � amid the intensified infighting between the fractious opposition groups.

According to military sources, the army men are fully ready to enter and liberate the rest of the region. The army commandoes and special forces have been deployed in positions overlooking the militant-held districts, waiting for order to start final operations. They say the terrorist group of Jeish Al-Fatah is in dire conditions, desperately trying to force the fleeing civilians to join them to slow down the army's devastating advances.

This only means one thing: The days of so-called "moderates and freedom-loving fighters for democracy are numbered. It is time for Western media outlets and officials to stop whitewashing their legacy and brutal reign in Eastern Aleppo. Worse thing they could do now is misplace this romanticism and call them moderates or other various semantical terms that would attempt to portray the Wahhabi jihadi lunatics and terrorist pets as anything other than what they are.

The regime changers should end this unqualified endorsement and grubby hypocrisy. The activities of these zealots are being aided by an unholy alliance of the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Riyadh is giving these fanatics lots of money and ammunition because they are religiously kindred and can be used as vehicles for spreading Wahhabi dogma throughout the region. Washington and Tel Aviv are aiding them too, because they see them as preferable to the governments in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran.

It's not a pretty sight. Freedom and democracy in the militant-held districts at a distance may look beautiful through the lense of the mainstream media in the West. But up close it is an incredibly deceptive facade. People are hungry and dying under the reign of terror and destruction. That should be the legacy of moderates. After all, the only tangible difference between the moderates, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, and ISIL is a name. Simply naming rapists, Wahhabi-Takfiri jihadists, and cannibals moderate does not change what they are.

For all the diplomatic posturing, however, the ongoing death and destruction in the militant-held neighbourhoods of Aleppo is state-sponsored murder. The US-led coalition psychopaths have no right to drop bombs over Syria either. Their air strikes are lawless and unaccountable to the United Nations - compounding rather than diminishing the threat of regional and international terrorism.

One sure way of addressing this threat could be to adopt policies that won't deny realities. This sounds like common sense. The problem is, Washington's policies have been anything but shameful. They have actually been a cheerleader of moderate cannibals for years. The architects of Al-Qaeda invasion may cry their crocodile tears for the loss of innocent lives in Aleppo if they want but the blood of hundreds of thousands of people is so thick on their hands it will never wash off.

They know full well that their moderate pets are extremists bent on establishing a caliphate in the Middle East and implementing a nightmare scenario on the civilians unable to escape their wretched medieval state. They also know full well that this grubby hypocrisy and perpetual falsehood has played a key role in fomenting the Syrian destabilization.

Source: Al Alam

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