Finance Minister Directs Facilitating Customs Procedures for Egyptian Pilgrims

Dr. Muhammad Maait, Minister of Finance, directed to facilitate the completion of customs procedures for for Egyptian pilgrims returning home from Saudi Arabia after completing Hajj rituals. He directed to give special priority to elderly and sick pilgrims, and to benefit from automated customs systems and x-ray examination devices that contribute to improving customs performance.

The Minister also directed to increase the number of customs officers in line with efforts to intensify work in arrival halls around the clock in conjunction with pilgrims’ return flights, taking into account the need for customs port managers to be constantly present at airports and sea boarding stations to quickly complete procedures and release luggage.

In a statement issued on June 18, 2024, the Minister expressed his appreciation for the efforts of customs workers in facilitating the completion of passenger procedures and the customs release of their luggage, while making optimal use of modern technology.

Source: State Info
rmation Service Egypt