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FIVB president responds to Iran complaint against US

Tehran, President of the International Volleyball Federation Ary S Graca through a letter responded to Iran's complaint against the United States.

Iran Volleyball Federation about a month ago lodged a complaint against US on the problems created for the Iranian team while traveling to Chicago for recently-held FIVB Volleyball Men's Nations League (VNL).

'I share your concerns and I am extremely disappointed by the news,' Mr Graca said in response to Iran's complaint.

'Therefore, we are in contact with USA Volleyball and the US Olympic Committee to ask for more information on this matter and to see if there is any retrospective action that can be taken,' the (Federation Internationale de Volleyball) FIVB president wrote in his letter.

'Certainly, it is our aim to make sure that Iran and any other international team should be able to enter the USA without any unwarranted delays or hindrance.

'Indeed, in line with the FIVB values of inclusivity and equality, we have been working with all hosts of the VNL to ensure that athletes and team officials are able to attend competitions without any unreasonable restrictions.

'Iran is a great volleyball nation and is an important and valued part of our plans.

'Therefore, I give you my word that we will do all we can to help resolve this issue with the USA and ensure that in the future your players are afforded the respect and privileges that they deserve as elite athletes,' the top FIVB official noted.

Iran's complaint had been about the United States' not granting visa to some Iranian members including the team's caretaker in their trip to Chicago, USA.

Although all members of Iran's volleyball team had been fingerprinted in the US Embassy in UAE about eight months ago, the country did finally refuse to issue visa for some members of the team, Ahmad Ziaei, President of Iran Volleyball Federation, had said.

This behavior from the US was not understandable, and 'we surely protest,' Ziaei added.

'Americans who claim to be civilized did such a behavior towards us while we warmly hosted them three years ago in Tehran,' the Federation president said after the team came back from the United States.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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