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Five Daesh suspects arrested in Pakistan

Islamabad, Aug 15, Pakistan security forces in a crackdown have arrested at least five people from the north western Frontier Region Peshawar, near Afghanistan border, for their alleged connection with terrorist group Daesh.

Local media reports say that local residents have been really concerned over the rumors that Daesh sympathizers were present in the area and they welcomed such raids and arrests.

They fear that Daesh could establish a foothold in the area which would result in the start of another reign of terror and bloodshed.

Earlier Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nafees Zakaria at his weekly news briefing said Pakistan will take all necessary measures to counter the threat coming from presence of Daesh in Afghanistan.

He pointed out that there are ungoverned territories in Afghanistan and Daesh and other terrorist outfits are gaining grounds there.

However foreign ministry has so far denied organized presence of Daesh in Pakistan.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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