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FM does not approve Zarif’s interview with Sputnik

Tehran, Foreign Ministry in a statement on Tuesday announced that Zarif's exclusive interview with Sputnik published today goes back to the past months and his answers also pertain to the situations surrounding JCPOA in those days.

Sputnik published translated version of interview prior to Zarif's trip to Moscow late on Tuesday.

The ministry's Public Relations Department added that the entire interview, including questions and responses date back to midMarch and cover developments regarding the nuclear deal and US measures at that time.

The statement called on the media persons to take care about republishing the interview.

During the interview, Zarif discussed US sanctions against Iran and their failure.

Under current juncture, Iran is able to sell its oil and can maintain its economy, Zarif said.

Iran can overcome the US sanctions, as most of the countries declared their readiness to do business with Tehran, he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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