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FM spokesman: Iraq’s unity important to Iran

Iran's position is unchangeable, fundamental and principled; national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq is an important issue to us and we consider it as a non-negotiable issue, Bahram Qasemi said in the weekly press conference, when asked to comment on Iran's position on Iraq's Kurdistan region referendum.

We have relations with all Iraqi tribes, ethnic groups and nomadic people, and have had good ties with Kurds that may well be extended into the future, he said adding that the President of Iraqi Kurdistan Region Jalal Talibani is now staying in Tehran.

However, the spokesman reminded, these factors cannot prevent us from expressing and pursuing our principled foreign policies regarding Iraq as a neighboring counry.

We believe that Iraq national sovereignty and territorial integrity is in interest of all the neighbors and all those residing in the country, whether Shiites, Sunnisor Kurds, and any action taken under current circumstances could expose serious crises and anarchy to Iraq, Qasemi went on to say.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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