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FM spox: US threatening others after its failure

Tehran, US administration which has failed in its sinister aims in the sensitive Middle East, has taken the expired and scandalous choices of threatening others, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Bahram Qasemi made the remarks in reaction to the antiIran remarks made by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Lebanon.

He added Pompeo's provocative, interventionist and nondiplomatic remarks in Beirut once again revealed the pseudosupportive nature of US toward other independent countries and the freedomseekers in the world.

These positions on one hand indicate defeat of the US destructive and overambitious activities in the region and on the other hand the illogical US rulers' anger of the unity and integration among Lebanese people and also maintaining peace and stability in this country after establishing the government, Qasemi noted.

How does the US Secretary of State gives himself the right to comment so rudely and unwisely and make baseless and repetitive claims and accusations against an important political and legal sector of a country which enjoys popular support and has a big share in its government and parliament, he said.

He went on to say that the US governing body's choice to relocate embassy from TelAviv to Holy Quds and recognizing the sovereignty of the fake Zionist regime of Israel on Golan Heights which are the clear violation of international regulations and meanwhile, dispatching its Secretary of State to the region indicates the fact that the US administration accompanied by some regional countries is after implementing new conspiracies, supporting occupiers of the Holy Quds and undermining the rights of the Palestinians in the framework of the socalled Deal of Century.

Iran in line with the importance of preserving stability and peace in the region stressing the reinforcement of convergence and regional cooperation to fight expansionism and the aggression of the Zionist regime of Israel and the terrorist groups and by respecting the Lebanese government and people and their independent determination will take advantage of all its capacities to reinforce unity and integration of Lebanon and also to bolster bilateral ties in the issues of the mutual interests of Iran and Lebanon, he reiterated.

Tehran completely understands US anger of the great role played by Resistance forces, Hezbollah and the people of Lebanon and all those who foiled US sinister and colonial plots in the region, Qasemi said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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