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FM Spox: US, UK behavior meant to legitimize aggressors of Yemen

Tehran, Source: Kazakhstan 2050 Source: Kazakhstan 2050 Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi says the US and the UK conducts are aimed to legitimize aggressors on Yemen.

Speaking in reaction to the wrong conduct of certain countries in the UN Security Council, Qasemi said, 'The conduct of the US and the UK in the UN Security Council over the past three years are non-constructive, aiming to legitimize the aggressors of Yemen.'

As for the approval of the Russian Federation's proposed resolution at the UN Security Council, based on which the mission of the Yemen experts committee was extended for one year, Qasemi said, 'As supposed, the UK proposed resolution, had no outcome for its founders regarding its unrealistic nature and another defeat was recorded, especially for the US internationally and at the UN.'

He voiced strong concern over continued war-mongering and ceaseless attacks on the oppressed Yemeni nation, and, while deploring the imminent third anniversary of military invasion of the anti-Yemeni coalition on the Muslim country, underlined the need for the international community's strong action to stop foreign forces' aggression and war mongering and massacre of thousand innocent people.

Qasemi said all those, playing a destructive role by selling modern arms to strengthen the aggressor countries' arsenals and escalate the crisis and destabilize the region, are accountable for defends end protection of unsheltered women and children of Yemen who are exposed to a human catastrophe due to imposition of a devastating war and sanctions.

Qasemi pointed to the wrong conduct of certain countries in the UN Security Council and said, 'The performance of the US and the UK over the past three years at the UN Security Council were full of mistakes and non-constructive and instead of using the international mechanism to end war, they only used the position to legitimize and cover up war crimes in Yemen.

He noted, 'Unfortunately, the type of behavior and stances of the US, the UK and France as founders of the resolution, which was not passed, is a kind of giving wrong address and evading the accountability responsibility because the countries, as main supporters and key suppliers of deadly arms, play a decisive role in war-mongering and continued military aggression of Saudi Arabia on Yemen and instead of cutting the help and remain accountable to the world community, stand at the claiming position and play a blame game and conceal the responsibility for the crimes on the oppressed people of Yemen and their all-out and unsparing support for the aggressors.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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