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FM Zarif calls for finding political solution to Syria crisis

Ankara-Syrian issue should be solved through political solution and by people, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

The important point is to assume that, firstly, the Syrian problem must be resolved through political means, and secondly, we must accept that this solution must be found by the Syrians, Zarif said upon his arrival at Ankara airport.

It is the foreign governments' duty to pave the way to reach the solution, not to decide for the Syrian people, to make drafts, to define the constitution, or to provoke the negotiating groups, he said.

Zarif also urged foreign countries, especially Western ones, which consider themselves as the guardians of other countries not to distract a process that has been achieved with great efforts.

Unfortunately, at its early stages, Astana talks had not been supported, but Astana and Sochi summits were the only initiatives that have been successful since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Zarif added.

'By Astana talks, we could reduce conflicts in Syria but it was necessary for this process to change into a political one,' he said, adding that Sochi Summit was the beginning of the political process in Syria.

Reducing the role of terrorists, so that many areas in Syria, specially in areas near the capital city, have been cleared of the terrorists was among other developments, Zatif noted.

'Most importantly, it should be done having minor damages and the least casualties for Syrian people,' he reiterated.

The US presence in the region has created ethnic strife in Syria and in the region as well, he said adding that its naA�ve policies has brought about dangers for the future of the region.

Of course, the Zionist regime's aggressions have continued, but we have recently witnessed the fact that the invincibility legend of the Zionist regime has been actually broken by the resistance of the Syrian people, Iranian FM said.

No justification for the violation of Syria's territorial integrity is acceptable. However, we noticed that the US moves and it is misusing of the ethnic gaps within Syria has been a concern for many countries, Zarif said referring to recent developments in Afrin.

The best way to deal with the US act is to strengthen and to support the central government of Syria in order to be able to possess its territory and to prevent increasing ethnic strife.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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