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FM Zarif nullified US plot: Iranian president

Tehran, Aug 15, In defense of his foreign ministry choice, President Hassan Rouhani said in Majlis on Tuesday Zarif neutralized the US conspiracy.

Referring to Mohammad Javad Zarif's character, especially his patience, piety, and expertise, President Rouhani added that Zarif neutralized a big conspiracy and threat on the country.

He added although the US could have never used the war choice, it still distracted us and had kept it like a sword of Damocles over our head, but Zarif removed it, Rouhani said.

'The sword' consisted of UN resolutions, IAEA's board of governors and Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, he said.

Referring to the fact that many people think the nuclear deal is just an economic deal, he said that it is primarily a security deal that obviated US conspiracies and stabilized our nuclear rights.

'We had nuclear activities, but they accused us of illegal actions; and now the world is helping us to further stabilize our rights,' President Rouhani said.

The president added, 'We weren't able to make military deals, and we limited it to five years, from which 2 years have already passed; with that, we opened the way to strengthen our defensive power.'

He also mentioned the problems with exporting oil, providing SWIFT, and foreign investment, which were all diminished with the deal that Zarif negotiated for.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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