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FM Zarif: US to regret walking away from JCPOA

Tehran, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Tuesday that should the US decide to walk away from JCPOA, it would receive unpleasant reaction from Iran and the international community.

He made the remarks on his way back from Tajikistan on Tuesday in response to the question whether US President Donald Trump would stay in or leave the deal.

We have announced on several occasions that Iran will safeguard its national interests and Iran's benefits from JCPOA should be preserved, he said.

Asked another question on the role of EU in the JCPOA and non-transparency of its policies regarding the issue, Zarif pointed out that the JCPOA is an agreement in a certain field, that's to say nuclear, which was reached through a joint decision.

The JCPOA only deals with nuclear issues, as the EU and 5+1 Group are unanimously agree that it is non-negotiable and other issues have nothing to do with it, and the Americans are totally isolated in this respect.

The Monday's meeting of EU Council of Ministers showed that Europe has not a positive attitude toward the US policies, he said.

We have serious disputes with the EU over regional developments, he said, noting that Iran believes that The West's policies have fanned flames of violence and terrorism which have affected the region first and the Europeans the next stage.

On his trip to Tajikistan, Zarif said that ECO foreign ministers' meeting provided an opportunity for studying the organization's activities.

During the meeting, Iran was elected as the next secretary general of ECO, he added.

Ways of strengthening the role of ECO as a major regional bloc was discussed during the meeting, he said.

Zarif arrived in Tehran late Tuesday from his two-day visit to Dushanbe which hosted the 23rd ministerial meeting of Economic Cooperation Organization.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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