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Forced disappearance of Imam Musa Sadr, a crime: Son

Beirut, Kidnapping Imam Musa Sadr was an unprecedented crime throughout history, his son said.

The kidnapping, which is considered forced disappearance in legal terms, is one-time instance throughout history, Sadruddin Sadr said at a meeting commemorating the 40th anniversary of Imam Musa Sadr's disappearance.

The underlying reason for kidnapping him was his thought and manner, he said.

He pointed out that Imam Musa Sadr's commitment to the truth was at the center of his thought and manner.

Sadruddin Sadr called on the Imam's followers to remain steadfast in pursuing his way to disappoint the perpetrators.

Imam Musa Sadr, a religious scholar, had long been making efforts for improving the social condition of the Lebanese. He disappeared a few days after he went to Libya upon an invitation from the then Libyan government, headed by Muamar Kaddafi.

The prominent Muslim figure was known for his role in creating resistance cores against the Zionist regime occupation and peaceful coexistence of followers of various religions.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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