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Foreign ministry pursuing Iran right to cross border rivers

Tehran , Iran's First Vice President Eshagh Jahngiri expressed hope that relations between Iran and Iraq would develop with the establishment of a new government and urged the foreign ministry to actively and vigorously pursue the issue of the right of Iran over the rivers with the help of international institutions.

Referring to the reports on the latest state of the Hoorulazim wetland and the efforts to contain the fire in this wetland in a meeting of Supreme Council for Water under his chairmanship on Tuesday, Jahangiri added that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to provide the necessary assistance to the Iraqi government in extinguishing the fire of the Hoorulazim wetland.

The first vice president, arguing that the Iranian government and nation at various times did not hesitate to help the Iraqi government and people, said, 'Two friends and brother states should use their best efforts to resolve such problems. And we hope that with the establishment of the new government, we will see the expansion of cooperation in all political, economic, cultural and environmental spheres.'

Jahangiri pointed to the solid ties between Tehran and Baghdad, and said, 'Fortunately, there is no doubt about the will of Tehran and Baghdad to broaden their relations. Of course, there are some issues between the two countries that may harm the development of cooperation, which must be negotiated to resolve them.'

The first vice president reiterated the harmful environmental impacts of the burning of the Hoorulazim wetland on the lives of the inhabitants of Khuzestan province, and said, 'Unfortunately, the negative impacts of this fire endanger the living conditions in Khuzestan and put the noble people in the province in a bad situation. I hope that with cooperation of the Iraqi government, we will see the elimination of these issues as soon as possible.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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