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Founder of Substratum Announces A New Type of Cryptocurrency Exchange

DELAWARE, Ohio, Nov. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Substratum is pleased to announce the development of its new and revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange. Amplify Exchange is a hybrid exchange–a combination of both a distributed and decentralized exchange–looking to provide fiat/crypto gateways for the top 100 cryptocurrencies at launch.

Amplify Exchange Logo

Amplify Exchange has an easy-to-use interface that traders of all experience levels can use to buy and sell major cryptocurrencies directly from their bank and credit accounts. In addition, Amplify Exchange will allow users to use cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and services directly from merchants.

Justin Tabb, the founder, and CEO of Substratum (SUB) stated:

“I am thrilled to announce the introduction of AMPLIFY EXCHANGE. It had been my vision from the day I started Substratum to build an ecosystem of products that work great independently, but are truly exceptional when used all together. With our Amplify Exchange we wanted to give everyone, regardless of his/her location or crypto expertise, the ability to easily get into and out of crypto tokens and coins. This has never been done before. We are also excited to announce that SubstratumNode hosts and CryptoPay users will directly benefit from the Amplify Exchange.”

Substratum Economy
The Amplify Exchange will be the third product in the Substratum ecosystem–with SubstratumNode and CryptoPay predating it. Substratum nodes will verify transactions that occur on the Amplify Exchange, allowing those who run a SubstratumNode to earn AMPX tokens alongside SUB tokens. And cryptocurrency purchased on the Amplify Exchange will automatically be available for spending in a users’ CryptoPay account, which allows them to buy goods and services from participating merchants and donate to participating non-profit organizations.

All Users Welcome

Amplify Exchange will allow users who are looking for fast transactions to purchase cryptocurrency and have it appear in their wallets at the speed of a brokered transaction, offering professional trading tools for technical analysis, trading and account alerts, investment reports, tax reporting and portfolio management tools, and more in a sophisticated interface.

Through the SubstratumNode and the Amplify Bridgechain, which links the distributed and decentralized exchanges, Amplify Exchange will be available around the world and will allow fiat to altcoin trading pairs, which eliminates some of the transaction fees and time delays that currently exist for traders.

To learn more about Amplify and read the whitepaper, please click here.

For all Inquiries:

Email: inquire@amplifyexchange.com

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