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Four Iranian artists in Abu Dhabi ‘Art Fair’

Tehran, Artworks from Parvaneh Razaqi, Amir Hossein Kulivand, Hossein Akrami and Alireza band Golestani will be exhibited by the Visual Arts Development Institute at Abu Dhabi 'Art Fair'.

An abstraction painting inspired by Persian art, circular in shape, 50 cm in diameter from the Parvaneh Razaqi from Tehran, and three works of three artists from other cities of Iran will be showcased in Abu Dhabi's Art Fair.

A pottery from Amir Hossein Kulivand of Lorestan, which is a glimpse of interlaced letters and created a combination of pottery, ceramics and calligraphy, alongside a statue of metal with letters in the name of the Resurrection derived from the poem of Mohtasham Kashani with the same title from Hossein Akrami of Kashan will be showcased at the art event.

Alireza Band Golestani of Mashhad is another artist who participated in the art gallery and takes the mirroring beauty in the form of a crescent of the moon in size of two meters to Abu Dhabi.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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