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French president guided by CIA on Iran position

Tehran, IRNA – Iran’s intelligence minister says French President Emanuel Macron has been guided by American intelligence sources in his positions on the social unrest in Iran.

Esmail Khatib said in an interview with the IRNA published on Wednesday that Macron has been struggling to cover up the failure of his domestic policies by adopting a series of aggressive positions toward Iran.

Khatib said Macron’s anti-Iran stances also serves his ambitions to gain concessions from the United States on other international issues, including France’s relations with wealthy Arab countries of the Persian Gulf.

He said other European powers, including Germany, have also been paying lip service to the US when it comes to Iran.

“This means that the Americans have taken hostage the Europe, and specifically France and Germany,” said the minister, adding that European powers have lost their traditional sense of independence against Washington.

Khatib said Iran has documents that prove the United States has been using its influence over the Arab states of Persian Gulf to prevent them from engaging in lucrative weapons and trade deals with the Europeans.

He also said that Macron’s harsh stances toward Iran have been influenced by Tehran’s detention of two French intelligence officers.

The minister said the two officers had a secret mission to carry out sabotage in Iran, adding that Tehran could reveal more details of the mission if France continues its hostility toward the country.


Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA


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