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General Bagheri Pakistan visit a welcomed development: Pak ex-envoy

Islamabad, Former ambassador of Pakistan to Iran says visit of Chief of General Staff for Iranian Armed Forces General Mohammad Bagheri to Pakistan is a welcomed development as it would help improve the defense ties between the two friendly neighboring states.

In an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Javid Husain said that security and economic well-being of Iran and Pakistan are closely linked to each other.

What is good for the security of Iran is good for the security of Pakistan, and what is good for the security of Pakistan is good for the security of Iran and the same is true about the economic well-being of the two countries, he added.

The analyst went on to say that visit of Iranian Chief of General Staff is a welcoming development and his meetings with our leaders of the military establishment and President Mamnoon Hussain will help improve cooperation in the defense sector between the two countries which is the need of the hour.

The former ambassador said that 'I think we have a very precarious security situation which is of deep concern to both countries in Afghanistan and in other areas, which are surrounding the two countries.

Therefore it is important that military leaders of the two countries should time to time meet and exchange views as to how they can cooperate with each other and how they coordinate their policies, so they are not working unconsciously or unintentionally on cross purposes, said Javid Husain.

He said this is especially important for peace and stability in Afghanistan where both Iran and Pakistan should closely cooperate with each other and coordinate their policies so that peace and stability can be quickly restored to Afghanistan which is the brotherly country and people of Afghanistan can have the benefits of an enduring peace and stability.

The diplomat said Iran and Pakistan can also cooperate with each other in fighting the menace of terrorism from which both countries have suffered and this is not only for their bilateral relationship, but for internal peace and security of each other. By cooperating with each other they will be more successful in fighting this menace, he added.

The analyst was of the view that the visit of the Iranian Chief of General Staff to Pakistan would also help both countries to enhance their cooperation in border regions.

We are all aware that from time to time some terrorist elements have been undertaking terrorist activities in one country or the other and sometimes they cross the border also so it is important we have peaceful border between Iran and Pakistan, he noted.

Javid Husain added that leaders of the two countries are determined to have peaceful and stable border between Iran and Pakistan.

So there is a need to coordinate their policies to fight those elements who may be encouraged by some non-regional powers or others to carry out terrorist activities either in Iran or Pakistan, viewed the former ambassador.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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