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Georgian ambassador: Tbilisi always supports Tehran

Isfahan, Georgian Ambassador to Tehran Ioseb Chakhvashvili said on Wednesday that Tbilisi resists against imposing sanctions against Iran and is to defend the country at international gatherings.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Isfahan Governor General Mohsen Mehralizadeh in Isfahan on Wednesday.

He also thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for recognizing Georgia's territorial integrity.

Based on the new trilateral agreement between Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia, it is expected to witness formation of new economic cooperation, he said while inviting Iranian investors to do investment in Georgia.

He called for increase in the number of direct flights between the two countries to increase the number of exchange visits by the two countries' tourists.

Iran is to open a new bank in Georgia in the future, he said.

Due to high industrial potential in Iran and Isfahan in particular, he called for the expansion of cooperation between the two sides' chambers of commerce.

Government should encourage the private sectors to do more investment in the running projects, he said.

Georgia is now joining European Union and this can help broaden effective relations between Iran and the European Union, he said.

Since Georgia enjoys practice of free trade with European Union, this helps eliminate export tariff for the Iranian businessmen, he said.

Isfahan governor general, for his part, said expansion of economic cooperation between Isfahan and Georgia will help bolster ties between the two countries.

Georgia is very active in absorbing foreign capitals which helps broaden economic development in the country, Mehralizadeh said.

Isfahan is the best venue for absorbing huge investments, he said.

Georgia can bridge the gap between Iranian businessmen with European markets, Mehralizadeh said.

Isfahan can launch packing industries in Georgia in order to export its products to Europe, he said.

Isfahan can also establish factories for constructing building facilities, ferrous industries and household appliances in Georgia, he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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