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Human Rights

Germany; supplier of chemical weapons or supporter of human rights

Tehran, IRNA – Germany’s Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) has ratified a plan under the guise of supporting human rights in order to put pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran, while the Iranian people have not yet forgotten Germany’s supply of Iraq’s Saddam Hussain regime with 6k chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq war.

Three main parties, which consist the center-left Social Democrats, the neoliberal Free Democrats and the environmentalist Greens, presented a 25-article plan to the parliament that was ratified by the German lawmakers on Wednesday. The plan resorts to recent unrest in Iran to call for more pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran via diplomatic and economic tools.

The plan urges the government to pursue resolutions against Iran at the United Nations General Assembly Third Committee and the UN Human Rights Council.

The German government has been also urged to support a meeting on the human rights situation in Iran and extension of the UN special rapporteur’s mission on the Islamic country.

Some German officials, including Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany Annalena Baerbock, made rhetoric against the Islamic Republic, which was not left unanswered by her Iranian counterpart Hossein Amirabdollahian.

Baerbock twitted that Europe is working on a sanction package against Iran, and that they are seeking to hold a special meeting on Iran at the UN Human Rights Council.

Amirabdollahian warned that destruction of old relationship will bring about long-term consequences, noting that Germany can choose the path of interaction to confront common challenges or pursue divergence.

The German government and parliament portray themselves supporters of the Iranian people, while their country was culprit in the worst human rights crime against the Iranians during the eight-year Iraqi imposed war.

Despite the fact that the United Nations prohibited the use of chemical weapons, Germany, France, Britain and the US equipped the Baath regime of Iraq and they kept mute, when it came to reacting to the usage of chemical weapons against the Iranians.

The number of German firms, which supplied Saddam’s regime with chemical weapons, reached 80. A 2002 report that was sent to the UN, showed that German companies assisted Iraq in manufacturing chemical and conventional weapons during the war against Iran.

Der Spiegel, the largest German media company, reported that an Iraqi agent cooperated with an intelligent officer of the then West Germany to transfer a chemical company to Iraq.

Germany and other Western players have always tried to use the issue of supporting human rights as a tool to pursue their own agenda, while they have long-term history of violating human rights.



Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA

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