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Ghana urges launching agricultural machinery production line in country

Hamedan, April 27, IRNA -- Ghanaian Ambassador to Iran Sayuti Yahaya Iddi on Thursday described Hamedan Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Factory as very progressive, calling on the Iranian producers to launch agricultural machinery production line in his country.

In a meeting with agricultural activists of Hamedan province, he added that his country favors a trade memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Tehran and Accra to achieve a good trade balance.

Referring to his visits to manufacturing unites in Hamedan, Malayer and Nahavand, he said that products of the factories indicates their huge capacities in various areas.

Noting that Ghana is gateway to West Africa, he said, noting that Ghanaian markets are open to Iranian tradesmen.

Iddi called for importing agricultural machinery made in Hamedan within the framework of barter trade with agricultural crops like pineapple, banana and mango.

Hamedan province boasts of high capacities in various fields, which are of special significance to Ghana, he said.

Inviting the provincial investors to his country, the envoy said that Ghana is the safest country in Africa, as investors feel higher security in the country.

Meanwhile, the Head of Hamedan Chamber of Commerce said that West Africa is a suitable place for investors.

Noting that Ghana chairs the West Africa Union, he added that the two countries share positive commonalities and the reason why Ghana has been selected as target country was the positive results achieved during the trips to that country.

Hamedan Chamber of Commerce is a liaison office of Ghana Chamber of Commerce , introducing economic capabilities of Hamedan, facilitating mutual cooperation and preparing appropriate grounds for extra-territorial cultivation.

The Ghanaian delegation arrived in Hamedan on Wednesday afternoon on a three-day visit to the province.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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