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Golestan Province’s shrimp destined to Europe

Gorgan, Golestan shrimps are now authorized for exports directly to Europe, said Director General of Veterinary Organization in Golestan Province on Saturday.

This is while it was previously exported under the name of other provinces, said Mahmoud Reza Vafaei in an interview with Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

The processed shrimp produced in the province can now be exported to European countries at the least price, he added.

Vafaei said, It is planned to initiate the exports with a direct 50kg cargo to Spain to facilitate further exports to other European countries.

Golestan's shrimp was previously authorized for direct exports to China and the United Arab Emirates.

Vafaei predicted that direct processed shrimp exports to Spain to reach three tons.

Over two million baby shrimps were released in the province's 830-hectare shrimp farms on May, 70% of which can be exported by November.

There are eight shrimp farming areas in Golestan Province, northeastern Iran, which is predicted to produce, process, and pack over 2,500 tons of shrimps.

Most of the shrimps farmed in Golestan Province is of Whiteleg Vanami type, which is farmed during a 120-day period.

Gomishan aquaculture area farm is the only site to produce shrimp north of Iran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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