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Govt spox: World recognizes Iran’s logic, rights

The World recognizes Iran's logic and rights, Iranian Government spokesman Ali Rabiee said on Tuesday citing the government's logical and correct foreign policy in line with the country's independence.

In his weekly press briefing on Tuesday, Rabiee said that the Iranian government has stood against insurgency and the growing foreign influence to materialize the real meaning of independence and to avoid considering independence as isolation.

Iran has followed up this goal not by isolation policies but through policies dealing with constructive interaction in the international arena, he said.

Today, Iran is not affected by any country and the world knows Iran as a logical state, he added.

Referring to US administration failures in the UNSC, ICJ and IAEA, Rabiee said despite sanctions and cruel economic war, Iran resisted against pressures and even faced economic growth.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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