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Gov’t to seriously pursue key goals such as people’s health and livelihood, surge in production, lifting of sanctions, fighting corruption and transparency until last day/ People shouldn’t worry about COVID-19 vaccine, necessary measures have been taken/ The burden of sanctions is on the people

The president described the efforts to boost production, fight coronavirus, neutralise and put an end to oppressive sanctions, fight corruption and transparency, improve livelihoods and ensure public health as important goals of the government, that will be seriously pursued until the last day of the government with the help of the people.

Speaking on Wednesday in the cabinet meeting, Dr Hassan Rouhani congratulated the birthday of Jesus Christ, the Prophet of peace, friendship and kindness to all humanity, and said, "A large part of the morality that we see today in human societies, owes to the divine prophets, including Jesus Christ, and we are happy that the effects of that great prophet are still influential in the minds and lives of a large part of human society".

The President stated, "Today, despite the pressures from the sanctions and the economic war of the enemy, as well as the effects and consequences of the outbreak of Coronavirus, very good steps have been taken for the improvement of the country's economy with the self-sacrifice, devotion and resistance of the people and their servants in the government and other branches".

Referring to yesterday's meeting with the Speaker of the Parliament and the members of the Integration Committee regarding next year's budget bill, the President added, "With the issues discussed in the meeting, we hope that with the approval of the budget in the Integration Committee and the parliament, we will receive it in due time".

Dr Rouhani stated that the budget bill for the year 1400 has very important messages for the country's economy next year, added, "Next year will be different from this year and previous years in terms of politics and economy".

The President said that despite all the problems caused by the economic war and the outbreak of Coronavirus, with the efforts made, the country's economic growth in the first six months of this year has been positive, and said, "We are witnessing the first effects of harnessing inflation this month".

The President further referred to the mobility in the oil industry and added, "The figure of oil production and export is estimated in the budget of 1400 according to the conditions of next year and will create a great mobilisation in the field of economic growth of the country".

In another part of his speech, the President referred to the measures taken to combat Coronavirus and added, "In this regard, we have no worries about the production of domestic vaccines and the provision of reliable foreign vaccines".

Dr Rouhani stressed that people should not worry about the COVID-19 vaccine, emphasising, "The Central Bank and the Ministry of Health have made every effort and have made the necessary plans to provide the vaccine to the public".

The President described the development and strengthening of the country's health sector as one of the important goals of the government since its beginning and added, "In the past 7 years, the country's health capacity, including hospital beds and ICU, has doubled compared to the past and our health capacity in this government has been twice the total in the entire history of the country".

Dr Rouhani called the care and attention to the living conditions of the people as another important goal and program of the government and added, "Despite all the problems, the government has worked hard in the last 9 months to help those infected with coronavirus".

Dr Rouhani mentioned the reduction of the effects of the economic war and the end of the oppressive sanctions as other important goals of the government and added, "The day we manage to break the sanctions, we have actually defeated Zionism, regional reactionaries and extremists".

Stating that the pressure of sanctions is on people and the people are suffering, he said, "Those who are not in a hurry for the lift of sanctions may be in a good position, and some are insisting on purifying the United States".

Stating that, Saddam and Trump were two crazy people who imposed military and economic war on the Iranian people, he said, "Trump's fate will not be better than Saddam".

Stating that the purpose of sanctions and economic war was to bring the Iranian people to their knees and destroy the Islamic system, the President added, "As the Supreme Leader of the Revolution said, it is important that we do not let the economic war reach its goal and the people's hard-working presence in production and a positive economic growth of the country means the failure of sanctions".

Dr Rouhani also added, "Fortunately, with the efforts made, capital is on the path of production and economic growth and relations with neighbours and countries are improving".

In another part of his speech, the President referred to the Nagorno-Karabakh war between Azerbaijan and Armenia and added, "With the opening of Azerbaijan's borders today, we are witnessing good economic movements with this neighbouring country and the completion of the Khoda Afarin Dam can feed water to 120,000 hectares of our lands".

Referring to the Iran-Afghanistan railway connection and the activation of the Rimdan border with Pakistan in recent days, Dr Rouhani said, "In the east, west, south and north of the country we see good trade and economic cooperation with neighbours that contribute to the country's economic growth".

The President mentioned the fight against corruption and transparency as other important work of the government and added, "What the government has done with the development of cyberspace and e-government in the field of fighting corruption and transparency is not comparable to previous governments".

Emphasising that transparency and the fight against corruption mean that everyone knows and can critique, the President said, "The government's effort is to grow e-government in various sectors by the end of its term of office and launch a business system with a great transformation in the field of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services".

In this regard, Dr Rouhani referred to the four bills presented by the government in the field of combatting corruption and said that the instructions of the Supreme Leader in this regard clear the path for finalising these bills, and said, "These bills are the best way to fight corruption, although some may not like it".

Dr Rouhani added, "Closing down illegal credit institutions and merging banks of the armed forces are important steps taken by the government in the field of economic transparency".

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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