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Hajj officials urge Islamic states to consider Muslims’ interests

Tehran, The Supreme Leader's representative in charge of Hajj affairs said Islamic countries should not just consider their own rights, urging them to pay attention to all Muslim countries' interests.

Speaking in a meeting with Head of Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq delegation Sheikh Taqi Mola, Hojjatoleslam Abdolfattah Navvab expressed hope for providing suitable facilities for pilgrims' road trips to Saudi Arabia though neighbors' soil.

He added that road trips are cheaper and pilgrims will be able to visit Holy Shrines in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Taqi Mola said foundation of Hajj in Iraq was based on Iran's experiences.

He noted that 50 percent of Iraqi pilgrims travel to Saudi Arabia by road.

The Iranians, who have traveled to Saudi Arabia for annual Hajj pilgrimage will fly back to Iran as of August 16, said Head of the Iran Air Touraj Zangeneh earlier.

The air flight services to bring home the pilgrims will continue until September 8, he said, speaking in a press conference at the occasion of the last group of pilgrims' departure for Saudi Arabia.

Saying that about half of pilgrims will fly to Iran from Medina and the other half from Mecca, he added nine planes will fly them back home.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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