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Headlines in Iranian English-language dailies on April 19

Tehran, The following headlines appeared in local English language newspapers on Thursday:


- Iran needs no approval to produce weapons

- Leader: Foreign intelligence services behind currency crisis

- Leader hails Afghan forces killed in Iraq, Syria


- Rouhani: We don't intend any aggression in region

- Leader: Enemies' spy agencies have failed to harm Iran

- Zarif to depart for US today


- Savior of humanitarian values

- Bolton spurs Arab states to create regional force in Syria

- Leader, officials stop using Telegram


- Gov't ditches US dollar for Euro in financial reports

- Unemployment at 12.1% last year

- MENA needs $ 260 billion in power investment

** Tehran Times

- Rouhani: Our military power no threat to neighbors

- Leader: Foreign spies behind currency hype

- Iran replaces dollar with Euro in financial reporting

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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