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Legal Matters

Headlines in Iranian English language dailies on Oct 4

Tehran, The following headlines appeared in the Iranian local English language newspapers on Thursday:


-World Court rules in favor of Iran, against US moves

-Money changers given more currency latitude

- Iraq names new president, premier


-Highest UN court orders US to halt Iran sanctions in blow for Trump

-UN court ruling shows Tehran is right

-Rouhani praises Europe for taking 'big step' to keep business with Iran


-ICJ orders US to lift some Iran sanctions

- Zarif urges Europe to take action to save JCPOA

- New Zealand moves to support businesses trading with Iran


-US pulls out of Iran treaty after UN court ruling

-ICJ verdict victory for Iran over US lawlessness

-UAE recruiting Africans for Saudi-led war


- ICJ orders lift of sanctions on Iran

- VP: ICJ ruling cannot be violated

- Tehran felicitates new Iraqi president on election

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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