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Headlines in Iranian English-language dailies on September 6

Tehran, The following headlines appeared in local English language newspapers on Thursday:


- Iran sets Nov 4 cutoff for Europe to offset US sanctions

- Ancient Persian artifact returns to Iran

- Zarif urges Trump not to interfere in Syria reconstruction


- Stolen Achaemenid bas-relief returned to Iran

- Tehran summit expected to seal fate of Syria's Idlib

- Araqchi: US has [time] until Nov 4 to save JCPOA


- 'Final Liquidation' awaits terrorists in Idlib

- Iran defense minister to visit China soon

- Paraguay to move embassy back to Tel Aviv


- Terrorists transferring chemical weapons to Idlib

- Iran needs more help to support Afghan refugees: UNHCR chief

- No redlines in dealing with economy disrupters

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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