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Health official recommends home-grown COVID-19 vaccine “satisfactory quality”

The home-made COVID-19 vaccines enjoy "satisfactory quality", deputy Minister of Health and Medical Education said on Thursday.

Iraj Harirchi told reporters in Qazvin, 150 km northwest of Tehran, that private sectors have achieved good success in manufacturing the COVID-19 vaccines.

He said that several domestic companies have got involved in manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines, adding that as soon as human trial starts, the names of the indigenous vaccines will be made public, Harirchi said.

Meanwhile, the Executive Office of the Order of Imam Khomeini conducted human trial of COVID-19 vaccine on December 29 by injecting the vaccine to the first volunteer at the first phase.

The vaccines are also effective against the UK coronavirus, said Harirchi, adding that if the virus reveals new aspects, fresh research will be carried out.

Iran has been among four countries which could gain knowledge of producing COVID-19 vaccine, according to Iranian officials.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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