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Heavy Defeat and High Casualties of ISIS in Mosul’s Al Noor Districts

Commanders of the Iraqi army's special forces says pushing ISIS out from Al Noor district in eastern mosul is one of biggest victory his men achieved and liberating six other districts and reaching to left bank of the Tigris River is end of their first phase of plan.

Major General Maan Al Saadi Commanders of the Iraqi army's special forces, which are spearheading the operation to retake Mosul, on Sunday toured areas newly wrested from the Islamic State group (ISIS).

The Al Noor district of east Mosul is their latest gain. Dead bodies of slain ISIS Terrorists lie on the roads and pavements.

As the generals were shepherded through the streets by their forces, local residents cheered and ululated to welcome them.

Major General Maan al-Saadi of the Iraqi special forces expressed confidence that the momentum is now with his forces. He told AP: " Today we are touring the Al Noor neighborhood which we liberated this morning. With this, it is now only going to be a few days before we complete the first stage of our mission. Within days we will be advancing towards the six remaining districts and reach the left bank of the Tigris River, meaning we will have liberated the whole of the east side of Mosul.

He added: " This place where we are now was a workshop that they used to fix communication tools and equipment, in addition to being a warehouse for communication devices, there are antennas, batteries, cables and comms gear. The workshop and warehouse belonged to members of Daesh (ISIS).

Source: Al Alam

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