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Hejazi on red carpet of Hanoi festival with ‘Dark Room’

Tehran, Oct 28, IRNA- The movie 'Dark Room' directed and produced by Rouhollah Hejazi, presented to the 5th Hanoi Festival of Vietnam, will be screened in mid November.

The opening ceremony of the 5th Hanoi Festival of Vietnam was held last night in the presence of Rouhollah Hejazi as the director of 'Dark Room', the only Iranian film in contest section in the festival.

'Dark Room' is the fifth feature film by Roohollah Hejazi, competing with 11 films from other countries in the contest section of 5th Hanoi Festival of Vietnam.

Hejazi has already directed the movies 'Among the Clouds', 'The Private Life of Mr and Mrs. Mim', 'The Life of Mr. Mahmoudi and Lady' and 'The Death of the Fish

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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