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Herat calls for bolstering trade ties with Iran

Herat, Head of Herat city Chamber of Industry and Mine Hamidollah Khadem in a meeting with Iran's Consular General in Herat province Mahmoud Afkhami Rashidi on Monday appreciated Iran.

He said that Iran facilitated everything for Afghan businessmen and called for development of trade cooperation with Iran.

Khadem pointed to offered services by Consulate General of Iran, and said this move removed many challenges and problems of Afghanistan businessmen in west of the country.

Elimination of financial bail and test from visa issuing process in preceding year was a great move and it could solve many problems of our co-citizens, Khadem said.

Concerning facilities created in Dogharoun Customs, Khadem said the created CIP center in the customs office and its services is welcomed by Afghanistan businessmen.

Iran has achieved many successes in different field of economic and 'we are hopeful that our colleagues in the chamber use these Iranian experiences to witness growth in Afghanistan economy and industry'.

Rashidi said development and growth in Afghanistan is in the interest of Iran, adding that the two countries are holding negotiations to create joint venture banks or by opening branches of Afghan banks in Iran to eliminate problem of exchanging money.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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