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Hezbollah terms Arab states’ approach as opposing regional development

Beirut, The Lebanese Hezbollah movement in a statement said that the approach adopted by Arab states is against developments that regional countries are facing with.

In its statement seen by IRNA, Hezbollah noted that Arab countries decision in Arab League Summit in Tunisia is no comparable with that of US toward Holy Quds and Golan Heights.

Despite the fact that Arab states' leaders underline Arabs' rights to retake Quds and Golan but most of them follow normalization of ties with Israel, the statement reads.

According to Lebanese media AlManar, Hezbollah also expressed pride in President Michel Aoun's national stances on Lebanon, Palestine and Golan as well as his emphasis on the return of the Syrian refugees to their country, which preserves Lebanon's and Syria's interests.

The statement further greeted the Tunisian national movement which reflected the Arab nation's conscience by confirming support to the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, stressing the necessity of Syria's return to the Arab League and showing solidarity with the oppressed Yemenis and calling for stopping the genocide being committed against them, AlManar reported.

According to the statement Hezbollah also praised the Palestinian people and their massive rallies on Land Day despite all the conspiracies, blockades and wars they face.

Earlier on Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that Iran enjoys brotherly and close ties with many of the Arab League members and has common concerns on many issues of the Islamic World, noting that Iran precisely monitors all developments of the Arab League.

He added that except for leader of some Arab League members who still unfortunately inconclusively insisted on their unconstructive and false hostility against Iran and raised baseless allegations against the country, Tehran evaluate as positive the atmosphere of the recent summit compared with its previous meetings.

Meanwhile earlier, Iraqi President Barham Salih declared his explicit and firm opposition against the US president's recent decision on Golan Heights, saying Golan is an occupied Syrian land.

Trump tweeted on Thursday that after 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel's Sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

In the meantime, Iranian Foreign Minister in a message referred to US President Donald Trump's recent choice on Golan Heights, warning Arab and Muslim states against US tricks.

'Trump's lawless announcement on 'Occupied Syrian Golan' after last year's on 'Occupied AlQuds' is a sobering reminder for our Arab and Muslim brethren: US & Israel will offer you handshakes, but no matter how much you kowtow, they will still steal your lands. #LetUsUnite,' Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on his Twitter account.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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