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Foreign Affairs

Hezbollah unveils Khaibar 1 missile

Beirut, For the first time, Hezbollah Movement unveiled Khaibar-1 missile which had been used in the 33-day war against the Zionist regime in 2006.

Four Khaibar-1 missiles were put on display for the public at the Mleeta Museum of Resistance in southern Lebanon on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the 33-day war.

In 2012, Hezbollah targeted Tel Aviv with Khaibar-1 missiles.

Khaibar-1 missile weighs 916 kg, is seven meters long and has a range of 44 to 75 kilometers.

The officials of the Zionist regime have time and again labeled Hezbollah as the most important threat to the security of the regime.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA