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Homs T4 Airport Fully Secured by Syrian Army Offensives Against ISIS

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a powerful assault in the eastern countryside of the Homs, targeting the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists areas south of the strategic T-4 Military Airport.

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Syrian Arab Army Republican Guard managed to recapture several hilltops south of the T4 Airport that have been under the ISIS control for a month.

Syrian Army Republican Guard, alongside Hezbollah and Tiger Forces, killed as many as 20 Islamic State combatants today enroute to the liberation of the T-4 Airport's southern outskirts.

Also Russian Air Force launched a number of airstrikes over the gas fields in eastern Homs, preventing the terrorist group from transporting these reserves to Al-Raqqa.

No set date has been established for the Palmyra offensive by the Syrian Arab Army's High Command, despite ongoing operations around the T-4 Airport, AMN reports.

Source: Al Alam News Network

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