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House Bill to oust Trump Gaining

At least 25 Democrats in the House of Representatives support a bill that would give them a path to remove US President Donald Trump from office if he is found mentally unfit.

The legislation, introduced by Rep. Jamie Raskin, would create an Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity, an 11-member panel made up of mostly physicians and psychiatrists, to judge the president's mental fitness for office.

The effort appears to be based on the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution which lays out the rules for succession in case of presidential disability.

The amendment was adopted in 1967 after the assassination of then-President John F. Kennedy to establish procedure in the case a president is incapacitated. One clause in that amendment allows for the president to be removed if the vice president and either a majority of the president's cabinet or a majority of Congress sign off on it.

Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, is urging more colleagues to get behind his measure to potentially oust President Trump over his bizarre "outbursts" and controversial tweets attacking the media and TV hosts.

If you look at the record of things that have happened since January, it is truly a bizarre litany of events and outbursts, Raskin, a former professor of constitutional law, told Yahoo News.

In recent days, Trump has angered both Republicans and Democrats by launching personal attacks on the hosts of MSNBC's Morning Joe in a series of vicious tweets, after they criticized the administration's dysfunction in their show.

Source: Al-Alam News Network

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