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Human Rights Headquarters issues statement on Seyed Emami suicide

Tehran, Human Right Headquarters in a statement on Friday rejected allegations regarding Kavous Seyed Emami's suicide in custody as undocumented and antagonistic, saying that pursuing hostile policies under the cover of environmental activities is condemned.

The statement issued with an aim of disseminating true information and shedding light on the case read that after Seyed Emami who was in jail on charges of espionage committed suicide, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Erik Solheim expressed concern about the issue, saying that activities in the field of environment is part of human rights and all are responsible for safeguarding this right.

He also underlined that all environmental activists across Iran and worldwide should be respected.

The statement said that given wide-scale and undocumented and hostile hypes against Iran using the case, Human Rights Headquarters drew Mr. Solheim's attention to the following points.

1-The United Nations and its affiliated institutes are not non-governmental organizations (NGOs); rather they are made up of independent states and therefore, they should respect the sovereignty of member states and seek their views on issues before making an official statement on them. Unfortunately, it was neglected in this case.

2-while underlining the need for protecting environment and promoting environmental activities, Iran warns against undertaking hostile moves, especially military aggressions and terrorist activities, under the cover of such activities.

3-In this case, carrying out terrorist activities under the guise of 'defendants of human rights' has been coupled with unjustifiable negligence of the UN, as members of terror groups including MKO and PJAK who have committed various crimes against the innocent Iranian civilians and exploded mosques crowded with many worshippers, have been supported in UN official reports as defendants of human rights.

4-The Islamic Republic's attention to the environment is evident from the annual budget allocated to it. The UN is expected to provide unbiased and sincere support for the environment.

The statement concluded that the headquarters affiliated to Iran's judiciary is the main center for defending the rights of the citizens and its honest activities has turned it into a major center for seeing to the complaints of all Iranians living inside the country and abroad.

Kavous Seyed-Emami, a sociology professor at Imam Sadegh University, committed suicide while in custody.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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