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Hundreds of displaced return to Syria from Lebanon

Tehran, Hundreds of displaced Syrians on Tuesday returned through the border crossings of al-Dabbosyia and Jdeidet Yabous coming from the Lebanese territories.

The returnees were transported on board buses to their villages and towns in the countryside of Damascus, Homs and Hama which have been recently liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army, SANA reported.

SANA's delegate at al-Dabbosyia crossing said that at 08:30 am, a batch of displaced Syrians, mostly children and women arrived in the crossing, and they were received by teams from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and from Homs Health Directorate to provide the required services to them.

The delegate said that the required medical checkups were made for the returnees and children were given vaccines before they were transported on board buses to the town of Talbisa and al-Ghasibiya village in Homs countryside and to Nqairet al-Wa'aer village in Daraa countryside which have been liberated from terrorism over the past few months.

The returnees expressed thanks to the Syrian Arab Army which sacrificed to end the presence of terrorists in their areas, and for the exerted efforts to bring them back to their homes from which they were forced to leave fleeing from the Takfiri organizations.

They called upon all the displaced abroad to return to their homes and to contribute to the reconstruction process.

Meanwhile, hundreds of displaced Syrians arrived in Jdeidet Yabous border crossing coming from Lebanon as they were transported on board buses to their villages and towns in Damascus Countryside.

The returnees affirmed that hundreds of families in Lebanon are getting ready to return to the homeland over the coming period, hailing the facilitations provided to them through adopting a bunch of measures at the crossing.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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