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I did not digest not being invited to national team, but kept silent, Iran’s soccer star says

Tehran Iranian soccer star Ali-Reza Jahanbakhsh told IRNA that under Marc Wilmots as the coach of National Team (the Iranian soccer team), things were a little out of hand and the calm of Carlos Queiroz’s time was disrupted.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with IRNA, Jahanbakhsh talked about coronavirus, his pastimes, issues on his mind, Queiroz, Wilmots, Dragan Skočić, and Graham Potter. He was very straightforward.

An excerpt of the interview follows:

IRNA: How do you entertain yourself these days?

Jahanbakhsh: We have hard days, and they are not yet to be finished.  Everyone is trying to entertain themselves and others. About two weeks before the coronavirus outbreak, my family came to Brighton and they are still here with me. And I am doing the training under the club. I have some individual training too. I watch movies, play games on my Play-Station, talk with my friends, practice with my brother Mohammad-Reza and my father to get more motivated, go for walks, etc. I put a video of practicing with my father in my Instagram a while ago. My father played soccer and volleyball before. We have a lot of fun.

IRNA:  What do you play on PS? And with whom?

Jahanbakhs: Online, with a couple of my teammates in the Netherlands and Saeed Ezzatollahi. I choose Paris Saint-Germain F.C. I play Call of Duty too. Saeed, Mehdi, and Sardar usually play PUBG.

IRNA: You started the keepie uppie. Did you predict such a welcome by people?

Jahanbakhsh: I really apologize to people whose videos were not published. Many Iranians are still sending videos.

IRNA: Many say celebrities should help financially. What do you think?

Jahanbakhsh: Celebrities have a duty to influence others and put them in a good mood. If one person gets influenced and stays at home in the coronavirus outbreak, the job is done.

IRNA: Which old soccer games do you watch? Or you never watch?

Jahanbakhsh: I was four when Iran played Australia. I watch that and also the Iran-Morocco game.  I don’t like to watch Iran-Saudi Arabia game right in 2010 World Cup qualifications.

IRNA: Which one do you like more: life in England or the Netherlands?

Jahanbakhsh: I prefer the Netherlands. I like Brighton too. It is a calm city at the seaside and with many Iranians.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA   

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