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IAEA access not beyond Iran commitments: Envoy

London, Cooperation between Tehran and the Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is based on Iran's accepted commitments, said Iran's representative to the international organizations in Vienna in a recent interview.

'The IAEA has no access beyond the country's commitments,' said Kazem Gharibabadi who is also Iran 's representative to the UN nuclear watchdog.

'Each NPT member-state, under IAEA's Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement, has accepted to fulfill a set of commitments pertaining to declaring its nuclear activities to the Agency,' Gharibabadi said.

'In this way, if nuclear materials are kept at any sites of the member-states, they should be declared to the IAEA and the Agency in turn will verify such declarations,' he added.

The Iranian official also said that all the countries which have somehow accepted and are implementing the IAEA's Additional Protocol should report as well on all their research activities related to the nuclear fuel cycle to the Agency.

'Iran is voluntarily implementing the Additional Protocol and remains to be committed to its obligations,' he said, adding that based on such framework and according to the decisions made by high-level officials in the establishment, the IAEA is provided with some access.

Gharibabadi said despite the country's IAEA commitments, the Islamic Republic of Iran is in pursuit of quite strict and restricting policies as far as relations between the Agency and universities in the country are concerned.

'Protecting Iran's scientific frontiers and research achievements are among priorities of the concerned authorities,' he stressed.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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